BESPOKE Cars is at the forefront of all things Land Rover Defender. Based in a Harrogate, North Yorkshire working from a dedicated Defender workshop carrying out the highest standard of conversions, upgrades and alterations. Fully staffed with experienced and qualified mechanics, craftsmen and upholstery trimmers allowing every job to be completed to the most exacting standards. We treat every Defender with the upmost care and respect they all deserve. The work we carry out is always met with the highest praise and regard.

BESPOKE offer our clients a wide range of services including complete and partial restorations, paint and body work, even just a refresh to your daily driver.  ​We understand the importance of your Defender to you and as the value of Defenders is only rising and investing in a piece of automotive history can be very lucrative. Restoring your Defender can also prolong the life of your vehicle.

As stated every aspect of your vehicle is disassembled and either restored or replaced. This is done to a standard of the original or in most cases exceeding the quality of the vehicle when new. This means starting from the chassis or shell removing all mechanical parts and refinishing – New paint, metal, rubber etc.  with either original or enhanced/upgraded parts.

The cost of each restoration varies greatly largely depending on the condition of the donor vehicle and the level of customisation you require. For example a complete rust free running and driving car, restored fully would be less expensive than one brought to us in boxes.

Complete restorations although expensive due to being so time heavy and the sheer amount of parts needed, are the most rewarding. Not only in terms of the excitement associated in the final vehicle once completed, but equally so in terms of the incremental progress of the restoration itself which we keep you in the loop at all times.

These can be performed on any single aspect of your vehicle, to your exact taste and specification. Whether you are looking for full or specific interior replacements or repairs, mechanical repair, upgrades or refinishing, body and paintwork, or indeed any other limited restorative work carried out. We can prepare a restoration time line for you based on the overall condition of your project taking into consideration your short term and long term goals for your vehicle.

With all partial restoration projects we consult with you about the extent of the work that you want to carry out, discuss your budget and provide a plan of works to be carried out.


Your Defender doesn’t have to go through an entire restoration, we can offer an overhaul or replacement of the existing parts to make your daily commute a smoother and more relaxed experience.

We offer an extensive array of options for you to choose from to breathe a bit of life into your tired Land Rover Defender.


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