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Bespoke Cars Harrogate North Yorkshire Land Rover Defender 90 110 Conversion Modification Lifestyle
Bespoke Cars - Land Rover Defender - Harrogate - North Yorkshire

The original Land Rover Defender shape has been with us for over 65 years and as such ‘iconic‘ is the only word to describe the design.

Bespoke Cars have been improving Defenders for some years now and our work has become recognized and accepted as being some of the most thorough and sympathetic available. You can see some examples of our previous builds on the Showcase page, as well as over on our social media pages – TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

We are not trying to redesign a classic, the original product would not have endured for as long as it has if that were needed, however we are able to smooth a few of the rough edges  from the standard article to great effect.

We understand there are a lot of options to choose from when considering your BESPOKE Defender build so we have cut it down into 4 main areas. Style, Comfort, Performance and Technology. However, these really are only the foundations for your build, the building blocks are completely up to you.

Not only do Bespoke Cars redefine and create a more luxurious interiors we can carefully recreate the original look and feel of your beloved Defender, more information can be found on the Restorations page.


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BESPOKE Cars - Discerning Defenders - 90 & 110 Sales - Service - Restoration